Wind Instruments from Naumburg

Thanks to an extraordinary historical stroke of luck, the Musikinstrumenten-Museum today possesses a broad collection of rare wind instruments from the Early Baroque period (first half of the 17th century). Naumburg cantor Andreas Unger willed his instrument collection to the Stadtkirche St Wenzel in 1657. Out of respect for the benefactor, the instruments were kept for centuries—even though they soon got out of fashion and were of no practical use any more.

The instruments were typical for a town piper ensemble (Stadtpfeiferei): Rauschpfeifen (a straight capped shawm), bombards, dulcians or curtals, crumhorns, recorders, transverse flutes, cornetts, trombones and trumpets. They were played in church, but also on other occasions: for example, at wedding receptions or in the domestic sphere. The Naumburg collection is special insofar as the instruments were not handed down as individual items, but in consorts: each instrument type is represented with a discant or treble, alto, tenor, and bass instrument.

Bombard, Cat.-No. 642 (Flash)

Crumhorns, Cat.-No. 670ff (Flash)