CIM14 Sessions

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Final schedule

December 4

Registration 9-11 am
Sessions 10 am - 7 pm

10 am
Session A

2 pm
Session B
Session C
Session F

4 pm
Session E3
Session G + H1
Special Session Ethnomusicology / Cultural Musicology

December 5

Registration 9-11 am
Sessions 10 am - 7 pm
First general meeting of the Society for Interdisciplinary Musicology 12:45 - 1:45 pm
Concert 8 pm

10 am
Special Session New Emerging Technologies

2 pm
Session E1
Session E4
Session I

4 pm
Session D2
Session H2
Session K

December 6

Registration 9-11 am
Sessions 10 am - 6 pm
Concert 4:30 pm

10 am
Special Session Xenakis

1:30 pm
Session D1
Session E2
Special Session Neuromusicology
ECMST Xenakis Poster Session


Luc Nijs and Marc Leman
Performing with the Music Paint Machine: provoking an embodied approach to educational technology         

You Nakai
The Natures of Technology: David Tudor’s Conception of an Island as a Musical Instrument         

Johanna Devaney, Daniel Shanahan and Kirsten Nisula
Evaluating Rule- and Exemplar-Based Computational Approaches to Modeling Harmonic Function in Music Theory Pedagogy         

Helena De Souza Nunes and Cláudia Elisiane Ferreira Dos Santos
Keyboard teaching: a multidisciplinary integration in the e-learning modality         


Amanda Haste
Cyberchant: Medium and message in the computerised notation of newly composed monastic music         

Rachel McCarthy
Gendered Vocal Construction in Female Electronic Composers         

Short presentations

Piotr Podlipniak and Edward Gorzelańczyk
The technological and evolutionary aspects of tonality as a communicative tool         

Navid Bargrizan
A New Opera Concept: An Identity Quest Mediated by Digital Media and Microtones in Manfred Stahnke’s Orpheus Kristall         

Emily Erken
Composing the Musical Self Online: Social Media as Audience Engagement         

Tom Hall and Alan F. Blackwell
Sharing digital performance notation with the audience         


Sebastian Klotz
Post-subjective listening and technological agency. An actor-network perspective.         

Tim Sayer
Non-Thinking Music Making: A proposed methodology to emancipate improvisation         

Short presentations

Andreas Möllenkamp
Paradigms of Music Software Development         


Rodrigo Schramm, Helena Nunes, Aurélien Antoine and Eduardo Miranda
A generative system for the creation of new songs from Portuguese prosody         

Valerio Velardo and Mauro Vallati
Automatic Melody Composition and Evolution: a Cognitive-based Approach         

Federico Visi, Duncan Williams, Giovanni Dothel and Eduardo Miranda
Musification of ALS Pathophysiology: Notes on Timbre and Spatialisation in Unfolding | Clusters         

Fernando Gualda and Pedro Rebelo
Modelling Improvised, Musical Gestures : an empirical approach to identify and compare gestures in 'free improvisation'         

Short presentations

Michele Della Ventura
Automatic Music Composition from a Self-Learning Algorithm         

Torsten Anders
Modelling Durational Accents for Computer-Aided Composition         

Thomas Prätzlich, Johannes Kepper, Solveig Schreiter and Meinard Müller
Comparing and Accessing Digital Music Related Data in the Project "Freischütz Digital"         

Miriam Akkermann and Marcello Lussana
motioncomposer. An analytical approach to a composed system.         


Roger Mills
Flight of the Sea Swallow: A Multimodal Approach to Examining Collaborative Interaction in Networked Music Performance         

Michel Bernays, Philippe Depalle and Marcelo M. Wanderley
Perception and identification of piano timbre nuances in digital performance simulations vs. audio recordings         

Björn Forcher, Sahar Javadi, Christian Reuschling, Stephan Baumann and Andreas Dengel
Justifying Results of the Music Recommender System HORST         

Emilios Cambouropoulos, Maximos Kaliakatsos-Papakostas, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Oliver Kutz and Alan Smaill
Concept Invention and Music: Creating Novel Harmonies via Conceptual Blending         

Short presentations

Henrik von Coler
Musical Expressivity - Interrelations Between Sound Synthesis, Musicology and Other Disciplines         

Jacob Robbins
The Ableton Push and the Concretization of Sound         


Juan J. Bosch and Emilia Gómez
Melody extraction in symphonic classical music: a comparative study on mutual agreement between humans and algorithms         

Dimitrios Bountouridis and Jan Van Balen
Towards Capturing Melodic Stability         

Marcelo Lopez and Anja Volk
Comparison of Repetition-Based Melody Segmentation Models         

Short presentations

Pierre Donat-Bouillud, Samer Abdallah and Nicolas Gold
Compression-based Dependence Analysis among Rhythmic Motifs         

Immanuel Albrecht, Martin A. Rohrmeier and Stefan Schmidt
Coarsening Maps as Mathematical Foundations of Reductive Analysis         


Jakob Abeßer, Estefanía Cano, Klaus Frieler and Martin Pfleiderer
Dynamics in jazz improvisation - score-informed estimation and contextual analysis of tone intensities in trumpet and saxophone solos         

Arndt Eppler, Andreas Maennchen, Christof Weiss, Jakob Abesser and Klaus Frieler
Automatic style classification of jazz records with respect to rhythm, tempo, and tonality         

Christof Weiss and Julian Habryka
Chroma-Based Scale Matching for Audio Tonality Analysis         

Mathieu Barthet, Mark Plumbley, Alexander Kachkaev, Jason Dykes, Daniel Wolff and Tillman Weyde
Big Chord Data Extraction and Mining         

Short presentations

Alexander Kachkaev, Daniel Wolff, Mathieu Barthet, Mark Plumbley, Jason Dykes and Tillman Weyde
Visualising Chord Progressions in Music Collections: A Big Data Approach         

Christof Weiss and Meinard Mueller
Quantifying and Visualizing Tonal Complexity         


Sven-Amin Lembke and Stephen McAdams
Timbre’s role in music: investigating its dependency on pitch and dynamics during musical performance         

Sofia Lourenço, Luís Gustavo Martins, Marcelo Wanderley, Mickael Tits and Ricardo Megre
Towards a multimodal analysis of European Piano Schools of Music Performance         

Baudouin Bokiau, Anne-Emmanuelle Ceulemans and Paul Fisette
Exploring the functioning and the performance of piano actions with multibody modeling         

Short presentations

Erin Heisel
Technology in Music Performance as Virtuosity         

Esther Coorevits, Dirk Moelants, Pieter-Jan Maes and Marc Leman
Studying the effect of tempo on music performance: a multimodal approach.         

Kai Siedenburg, Ichiro Fujinaga and Stephen McAdams
Technologies of Timbre: On Audio Features and Evaluation in Interdisciplinary Music Research         


Massimo Avantaggiato
Donatoni: Quartetto III         

Juan Medina and Jan Tro
The Geometry of the «Lando» and its diverse Timelines         

Martha Brech and Henrik von Coler
The “Halaphon” and its use in Luigi Nono’s “Prometeo” in Venice         

Short presentations

Alfonso Meave Avila and Felipe Orduña Bustamante
Contrapunctus v.1.0: A Species Counterpoint Analysis and Generation Software, Based on the Rules of Fux, Jeppesen, and Salzer         

Joseph Morgan
The Mashup and the Motet—everything old is new again         


Pavlos Antoniadis, Frederic Bevilacqua and Dominique Fober
Gesture cutting through textual complexity: Towards a tool for online gestural analysis and control of complex piano notation processing         

Mats Küssner
Using motion-capture technologies to investigate cross-modal mappings of sound and music: Empirical findings from two studies involving real-time drawings and gestures         

Short presentations

Dasaem Jeong and Younghae Noh
New Music Visualization for Attractive Listening to Classical Music         

Johannes Regnier and Stephan Mauer
Control Of Sound Spatialization By Means Of A Multi-Protocol Modular Toolbox         

Adam Tindale, Michael Cumming and Sara Diamond
Haptic pattern representation using music technologies         

Session G + H1

Pieter Snapper
Recording opera as a creative act: subverting representation and the laws of physics in contemporary opera production         

Mat Dalgleish, Christopher Foster and Steve Spencer
Blurring the Lines: an Integrated Compositional Model for Digital Musical Instrument Design         

Trond Engum
Digital augmentation of the electric guitar based on extended playing techniques         

Nicholas Bailey, Théo Cremel and Alex South
Using Acoustic Modelling to Design and Print a Microtonal Clarinet         

Short presentations

Rita Torres and Paulo Ferreira-Lopes
Guitar multiphonics: Influence of amplification         

Cheng-I Wang, Tamara Smyth and Zachary C. Lipton
Estimation of Saxophone Control Parameters by Convex Optimization         

Session H2

Philipp Neubauer, Johannes Tschesche, Joachim Bös, Tobias Melz and Holger Hanselka
Smart material wolf note eliminators         

Camille Simon Chane and Philippe Bruguiere
Spectral imaging to enhance fading inscriptions on historical instruments         

Massimiliano Zanoni, Francesco Setragno and Augusto Sarti
The Violin Ontology         

Eirik Kristensen and Jan Tro
The trombone; how it works and how it is performed, with and without auditory feedback.         

Session I

Carlos Alberto Figueiredo
Brazilian sacred music of the 18th. century and digital editions: the Salve Regina by Lobo de Mesquita (1745?-1805)         

Folkmar Hein and Thomas Seelig
International Documentation of Electronic Music         

Short presentations

Sarah-Indriyati Hardjowirogo and Hauke Egermann
Systematising History: A Database for Electronic and Digital Musical Instruments Including Functional and Aesthetical Properties         

Sergio Oramas and Mohamed Sordo and Xavier Serra
Automatic creation of knowledge graphs from digital musical document libraries         

Session K

Guillaume Boutard and Fabrice Marandola
Mixed music creative process documentation methodology: outcomes of the DiP-CoRE project         

Grégoire Lavergne and Amandine Pras
To see within electronic and percussion improvisations         

Short presentations

Mat Dalgleish and Steve Spencer
Postrum: encouraging good posture in trumpet players through directional haptic feedback         

Anna Troisi and Antonino Chiaramonte
Sounding sculptures for the augmentation of musical experience in live electroacoustic music         

Barah Héon-Morissette
Transdisciplinarity An Artistic Practice: Gesture-Sound Space and SICMAP         

Jessica Aslan
From input to output: Harnessing hardware for mixed performance         

Beata Glinka (tbc)
Performer perceptions in music for flute and electronics         

SPECIAL SESSION New Emerging Technologies

Edward Braund and Eduardo Miranda
Unconventional Computing In Music         

Alexis Kirke, Peter Shadbolt, Alex Neville, Aurelien Antoine and Eduardo Miranda
Q-Muse: A Quantum Computer Music System Designed For A Performance For Orchestra, Electronics And Live Internet-Connected Photonic Quantum Computer         

Marco Donnarumma and Atau Tanaka
Principles, challenges and future directions of physiological computing for the physical performance of digital musical instruments         

Edward Braund and Eduardo Miranda
Unconventional Computer Music with Physarum Polycephalum         

Alexis Kirke, Olivia Gentile, Federico Visi and Eduardo Miranda
MIMED – Proposal For A Programming Language At The Meeting Point Between Choreography, Music And Software Development         

SPECIAL SESSION Ethnomusicology / Cultural Musicology

Adiel Ben-Shalom, Joseph Keshet and Roni Yeger-Granot
Automatic Analysis of Music and its Relation to the Text in Jewish Traditional Cantillation         

Martín Rocamora, Luis Jure and Luiz W. P. Biscainho
Tools for detection and classification of piano drum patterns from Candombe recordings         

Short presentations

Achyuth Narayan and Navjyoti Singh
Detection Of Micro-Tonal Ornamentations In Dhrupad Using A Dynamic Programming Approach         

Oksana E. Dobzhanskaya, Valenlin Ju. Gusev and Maria M. Brykina
The Song genres in the musical folklore of Nganasans         

Fadi Al-Ghawanmeh, Mohammad Al-Ghawanmeh and Nedal Obeidat
Toward an Improved Automatic Melodic Accompaniment to Arab Vocal Improvisation, Mawwāl         

Ali Cenk Gedik
A Computational Ethnomusicology Approach for the Automatic Transcription of Traditional Turkish Art Music         

Varvara Diakonova (tbc)
The studying of Yakut musical instruments on the basis of linguistic and ethnographic data from "the Yakut dictionary" by E. Pekarskiy         

SPECIAL SESSION Neuromusicology

Timothy Schmele and Imanol Gomez
Three Dimensional Sonificaton Of fMRI Brain Data In The Musical Composition Neurospaces         

Short presentations

Santiago Renteria, Geraldine Molina, Juan Levi Serrano, Emilia Sainz and Diana Urquiza
Binaural Audio Relaxation Techniques For People With Anxiety And Stress         

Janette Alle Tamer, Emilio Javier Anaya Acosta, Marco Antonio Garcia Quintanar, Iván Alberto García López, Héctor Domingo Orozco Pérez, Rubén Rodríguez Pérez and Diana Urquiza
The Effects of Binaural Auditory Stimulation in the Cerebral Activity of Young Population using Neurosky-brainwave device         

Joel Eaton and Eduardo Miranda
Expanding On Brain Control: A Real-Time Hybrid BCMI For Drum Machine Combining Active (SSVEP) And Passive (Affective Response) Brainwave Control         


Sharon Kanach
Xenakis and film: the composer’s hidden side…         

Thor Kell
Mistify: Dynamically Recreating & Recomposing Xenakis' Mists         

Boris Hofmann
"From Space To Tape" – Modern recording technologies vs. composer's intention         

Ryo Ikeshiro
Real-time GENDYN visualisation         

Peter Hoffmann
Post-Xenakian Art Updated: Recent Developments in Graphical and Stochastic Synthesis         

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