Abstract submission is closed. We received 185 submissions. Thank you!
Notifications have been send on 1. October.
The acceptance rate is 0.31.

Selection process / peer reviewing criteria

All anonymized submissions have been double-blind peer reviewed by an international expert board. An important ranking criterion for the peer reviewing process is the interdisciplinary nature of the paper. Quality aspects for assessing the interdisciplinary nature of a paper are: either (a) a collaboration of researchers from different disciplines, a topic/method that is inherently transdisciplinary/interdisciplinary, or (b) a topic within music that is especially meaningful (and/or new) to other disciplines, or vice-versa.

Full paper submission

The format for full paper submission is PDF, with a maximum of 6 pages for oral presenters and 4 pages for poster presenters.

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Deadline for full papers: 22 October 2014.

Authors of accepted papers are requested to submit the final version with maximum 6/4 pages A4 by 22 Oct 2014.


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