Conference Sessions & Topics

Below is a list of topics for the assignment of papers to conference sessions.

A) Mapping the Field: including, Music Technology, Technology in Musicology and Music Research, Technology in Ethnomusicology, Technology in the Neuroscience of Music, Technology for Music Education.

B) Sociology, Anthropology & Psychology: including, Technology as Gender Sensitive Construction, Diversity & Technology, Women in Music Technology, Evolutionary Musicology.

C) Philosophy, Criticism & History: including, Philosophy and Theory of Music Technology, History of Music Technology, Music Beyond Technology, Critique of Technological Determinism.

D) Art & Aesthetics: including, Technology in/for Composition, Electroacoustic Music Studies, Technological Criteria in Performances.

E) Analysis: including, Technology in/of Music Analysis, Analysis of Musical Performance.

F) Technology of Music Technology: including, Software & Hardware Design, Perceptual Coding, Interfaces and Human-Computer Interaction, Sound Diffusion.

G) Science and Art of Sound Recording: including, Tonmeister Practice and Advances in Music Technology, Archiving & Restoration, Storage and Preservation of Music, Hi-Density Formats.

H) Technology of Musical Instruments: including, Design and Development of Acoustic Musical Instruments, Digital Musical Instruments & Musical Interfaces, Restoration of Musical Instruments.

I) Documentation, Archiving & Retrieval: including, Library Technology for Music, Music Databases, and Information Design for Musical Instrument Museums.

K) Musical Practice: including, Extended Instrumental / Vocal Techniques, Technology for Education and Practicing music, Composers' and Performers Forums on Technology.

Special Sessions:
New Emerging Technologies: including, Music Neurotechnology, Neuromusicology & Neuro-inspired Music Theory, Evolutionary Computing in Music & Musicology, Computational Ethnomusicology, Unconventional Computing in Music, and Xenakis & Technology.

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